Monday, 26 August 2013

Make that trumpet blow

Initially this was simply a matter of making a larger diameter header & I had 2 Options. Dominated by straight pipes and “megaphone”, My engineer (Who is totally awesome BTW and probably the greatest) decided megaphone.

Making an exhaust was priority. Its very important that it works.In any IC engine, after combustion has taken place in an engine the exhaust gases have to have somewhere to go. In a motorcycle we aim the gases out the exhaust port and into the exhaust pipe. On four stroke racing bikes that pipe could be a long straight pipe or a short header pipe and a megaphone, which crudely looks something like this..

Akrapovic would make something like this (May be in titanium if you have $$$)

As motorcycle engines and chassis have become more advanced, so do have the exhausts. Its a multi-million dollar market out there. From the times Tubes used to be cut with a hack-saw and bent by hand over a torch. Today, CNC cut-off saws cut pipe to length while multi-level CNC tube benders shape pipes to exacting tolerances. But I lived in India. So all we had was tubes, hack-saws and gas welding equipment. Pig Iron replaced my titanium and carbon-steel dreams.

With so much of dilly-dallying, Some problems are so complex that you have to be highly intelligent and well informed just to be undecided about them. It was Chaos. My only consolation was this dude from Delhi. He had been prepping his impulse with a similar mod. My Engineer had completed his exhaust. So, I was thinking...What the crap, he just has to make one more.

Now comes the frightening part. The motorcycle entered the garage in the year 2012 and the work's not done yet.

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