Monday, 19 August 2013

A mere thought ...Where it all started.

The Motorcycle is an addiction. The Cubic Capacity of the motor, how many cylinders does it have ? whats her top speed..etc are questions that are agnostic to me. However, I  believe in design philosophy, efficiency and building or creating something to do the job, very specifically when the jobs a tough one.

This was a mere thought when I decided that I will take a motorcycle to the Himalayas - Home to some of the planet's highest peaks. There’s something about the mountains. One of my strongest memories from childhood was a summer vacation I took with my parents. Seeing mountains for the first time was a revelation to me. It changed my perception of the world. I am Sea-lander, inhabiting a coastal plain of the state of Tamil Nadu, along the eastern coast of the Indian Peninsula. But that did not matter. Whenever I could find a few days off from my boring job, I would try to mix my addictions of combining motorcycle and mountains, and sometimes even wish not to go back. However, that was not an option.

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