Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Things have changed

Yep. It's been a year since I wrote anything here. But, nevertheless, Living up to the blog's name, "The Motorcycle Odyssey", My creepy obsession with motorcycles has reached new levels. As I write this, things have changed.

It's been 2 full years and some months now since I quit my full-time job. It's been craggy, dented, indented and later to laugh at, a knobby journey. I am married to my beautiful wife who's been there all along. The mongrel named "Seabiscuit" has been ever-faithful, and the new addition to the stable, The B&W Pig, has been on her shakedown and is an all-new project now after some "shake-down-findings".

Santhosh and I on the GRIT - Great Indian Trail which will always be a WIP for me, forever !

Us at 10 Degrees OFF, Bandhipur

Rebuilding the XR after the Chennai floods was a great journey by itself. With little or no help, It took me many working days, and some 200 Hrs to put it all back together.  I got married later that summer we rode out to the GRIT trail again, 2up on the Seabiscuit.

GRIT, Sathyamangalam

So, Back to Mountains. The mountains I love the most - The Himalayas. High peaks, the smell of the air, The Playground, A place like nowhere else, and A place where I have managed to go ever since my first affair with it. My affair started in 2013. After returning back to it in 2014, the feeling was stronger than ever. Accompanied by friends was no longer a necessity, and nor was going there in "Riding season". In continuation to where I left off, I DID NOT make it to Kaza in March 2015. I was not mentally prepared, and the conditions were unforgiving. After staying in Tabo for 2 days, I had to track my way back. A Treacherous ride back. Kibber was a vanishing dream and snow leopard's even fainter. 


Now reliving 2015, A year after I quit my full time (life less) job at the building of high paying jobs, right next to pie in the sky building. It was a hard choice to make and meant lesser "eating out" and generally restricting things which I used to take for granted.Thinking about it, Quiting the job, it had to be done sooner or later. 

I am not sure if anyone even reads this blog. I know very few do, but unlike other people writing blogs, I am writing only so that, I can come back to re-live the moment. That's all.

These moments are meant be re-lived, and stored forever. Like a friend once said "When you tell a story, make sure it's a good one"

Now its 2016 & Always remember that adventure is greater than any vacation you can ever take. My honeymoon project as the wife knows it was to keep things simple. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to take her on that long travel and maybe even go overland ! Obviously, there is a motorcycle involved, and even more obviously it had to be the Himalayas. But this time, A little bit different. 

So, How different is different ? "Go rescue a 20-year Honda parked somewhere in the Himalayas 1000’s of miles away from home" different. What's more epic than riding an unknown bike into the world's largest off-road playground 2up with luggage from the Teesta to the Zanskar ? Challenge accepted.

The bike was ridden to India by a Swede from, guess what, Sweden in 2013 (http://himalayanbiketours.se/en/?p=225) by a guy named STIG .. Yep, you read that right. I am buying STIG's bike. The bike has almost 70k on the clock and I only have photos. But, I bought it. Coz it has to be rescued, coz Transalp's are a cult bike. Having said that, I am betting it will break down, and the real adventure will begin after we overcome the hardest part of the journey, Leaving. So, we leave August 1st to Kalimpong ! As the bike's already there, waiting ever patiently. I'll be carrying service spares, new plugs, Oil & Air filters, bearing if anything breaks mid way, etc. Lastly, I don't think you need a bloody spanking new motorcycle to go on a trip. Seabiscuit is a living proof of it and makes me fall in love eveytime we are together in faraway places. Sometimes, you just have to take that blind leap of faith. Sometimes, you just have to stop worrying and start riding. 

The actual bike

67,265 kms to be precise

Comes as is with the Monokey luggage system panniers and top box. Yep, the tires are worn.

I have a facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/themotorcycleodyssey/ where i'll posting updates and will be active on the group MTM-GRID 

"There is definitely a charm to planting roots, but I fear my own complacency. You can’t be lazy when you have an expiration date"

So, Go out there, Go live your dreams.. Become a stranger in strange lands.. Go find your wild places,  do something hard..do something that you might fail doing…& make adventure a part of your life

The Motorcycle Odyssey Guy 
Over & Out !