Friday, 17 October 2014

So.. it was thro' Kaza to Leh

It was the month of June. My friend who had accompanied me in 2013 decided to make 2014 a himalayan year too, Oh sorry, let me rephrase "Great Himalayan Year".. Another friend who has never ever ever ever....ever.. been on a long motorcycle trip / adventure made it too. He not only made it, but went the extra mile to plonk a 223 motor in his Hero Impulse and other fun stuff that was necessary. I couldn't complain. So, How cool is cool ?

And yeah, A Storm is brewing...All my friends own a Dual-sport now... You're welcome ?

So it came down to the route and "plans"...and "schemes" and lots and lots of discussions. However, I had already made up my mind. Leh was the final destination and it was going to be thro' Kaza, Spiti valley. But guess what ? Democracy happens. I hated democracy that day. True story.  Slowly but surely, I could slyly convince my friends saying horrendous lies wearing invisible devil horns. Anything for the sake of adventure.

With that said, I still had to break-in and ride around town quite a bit after the new pistons. The motorcycle felt great. I was able to hold highway speeds of 100 kmph with 1/8th throttle and things got funky after the carb mod. I highly recommend a 33mm carb to anyone who has done something similar.

In hindsight, I really had to fix the overheating exhaust pipe and figure a way to extend my DIY racks to hold fuel cans.. As of now, I had no job and had a tonne of free time.

Titanium woven pipe wraps ordered from eBay

DIY Fuel can holders for 2 x 5 lts 

It was quite simple after. We shipped the bikes to Delhi last week of June, I ordered a windscreen off the internet, and even ate some sandwich..

Reporting for Adventure, Sir!

Who knew a harley winscreen will be a perfect fit ? damn..

Vetti makes awesome sandwiches or what ?

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