Friday, 17 October 2014

So.. it was thro' Kaza to Leh

It was the month of June. My friend who had accompanied me in 2013 decided to make 2014 a himalayan year too, Oh sorry, let me rephrase "Great Himalayan Year".. Another friend who has never ever ever ever....ever.. been on a long motorcycle trip / adventure made it too. He not only made it, but went the extra mile to plonk a 223 motor in his Hero Impulse and other fun stuff that was necessary. I couldn't complain. So, How cool is cool ?

And yeah, A Storm is brewing...All my friends own a Dual-sport now... You're welcome ?

So it came down to the route and "plans"...and "schemes" and lots and lots of discussions. However, I had already made up my mind. Leh was the final destination and it was going to be thro' Kaza, Spiti valley. But guess what ? Democracy happens. I hated democracy that day. True story.  Slowly but surely, I could slyly convince my friends saying horrendous lies wearing invisible devil horns. Anything for the sake of adventure.

With that said, I still had to break-in and ride around town quite a bit after the new pistons. The motorcycle felt great. I was able to hold highway speeds of 100 kmph with 1/8th throttle and things got funky after the carb mod. I highly recommend a 33mm carb to anyone who has done something similar.

In hindsight, I really had to fix the overheating exhaust pipe and figure a way to extend my DIY racks to hold fuel cans.. As of now, I had no job and had a tonne of free time.

Titanium woven pipe wraps ordered from eBay

DIY Fuel can holders for 2 x 5 lts 

It was quite simple after. We shipped the bikes to Delhi last week of June, I ordered a windscreen off the internet, and even ate some sandwich..

Reporting for Adventure, Sir!

Who knew a harley winscreen will be a perfect fit ? damn..

Vetti makes awesome sandwiches or what ?

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

How Retarded are Large Motorcycle group rides ?

Over much time spent on the road, I have noticed a trend of crazy increase in the number of motorcycle clubs and groups (Particularly in India). Partially due to the the market expanding to the availability of "big bikes" in india. Now, you can choose between the likes of Harley Davidsons, Aprilia's, Big Honda's, Kwakers, and goddammit its a big list.

Personally, I find riding with a group extremely restrictive. I have had terrible experiences riding with "Clubs" and groups and I feel that most of them are no good. As most of them comprise of  (Old) people who are cagers (and posers). No offence to old motorcyclists, I am very specifically talking about the few who have started riding post mid life crisis know-it-all people who'll patronise you and tell you things like Harleys are great motorcycles. NO..They are not. Harleys Suck.

Actually, I prefer to ride alone. When I ride alone, I go where I want to, when I want to and Eat when I am hungry. Group rides are OK for short rides, but not an adventure of any sorts. I ride with friends and fraternity if at all I am riding with a group. You see its very different from a Large group or any club. Clubs have a social orientation, and you could always quit one and join another (lame) one. There is no sense of brotherhood in true sense. Clubs or Groups are full of people who probably own the same motorcycle / manufacturer or something else in common that is less intimidating..

Himalayan Moonrise over Nubra

I hate to sound like a philosopher, But No group ride can end with camping in a sand quarry without dinner, fire for the night from asphalt and diesel, and an impeccable Himalayan moonrise over Nubra!  Unintentionally, I met with a bunch of like minded folks in Leh and we decided that we will spend the next 5 days riding together in the valleys of awesome.

PS: If you look close, my friends butt crack is visible

To conclude, Big Groups = More Fools ..Now who wants to play mother hen over grown ups ?  So How Retarded are Large Motorcycle group rides ? ...Very....