Monday, 19 August 2013

The Job's a tough one

It was clear. I had to go back to the mountains, and I chose the mighty Himalayas. As an aspiring climber, mountaineer, trekker, hiker & adventurer I consciously decided that its not all about the Motorcycle. Riding the Motorcycle for hours together is not a revelation. Its about the journey and the experience and not the destination or how many kilometers your odo had clocked.

That being my opinion, I voraciously started reading about other people's experience on the internet and to my surprise, met a few people who have done something similar on a motorcycle in the Himalayas. It was great to know that the world had so many adventurers, and some of them right here in my home town. One of my role models is Sir Ranulph Fiennes, A British explorer / Adventurer who was awarded the "World's greatest living explorer" by the Guinness book, back in 1984. This was something significant. And, 1984 was the year I was born. What was amazing was that he is still alive doing what he loves.

Now I had to get my ducks in a row. I needed a motorcycle that will do the job. I needed time off from my boring IT job. I needed to save-up to fund my adventure. I needed to convince my parents that I will come back in one piece. At the same time, I decided that I will not settle for mediocrity. 

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