Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Plains to Mountains - II

It was an early morning and a very hot day in Delhi. All packed and ready to munch some miles, we left the sweaty hot city hoping for better weather as we intended to reach Shimla that very day, and enter blissful Himachal pradesh.

The road out from NCR can leave you a little confused, and we had some assistance with GPS from our smart phones. Sooner than we thought, we had escaped from the noisy busy city to the calmer country side and halted for some much needed food.  Little did I know that I will have to settle for aloo parathas for every meal, every day, the next few days. But meh..It was hardly boring..

 Man! the butter was just....damn

Twisties start !

Shimla is roughly 400 km from Delhi and we managed to reach there a little after lunchish time. Not bad at all considering the roads were terrific and full of tarmac. Piece of cake day.

We stumbled upon this tiny weeny place that served maggi with the best view in Shimla. A small break became a big one and we were beginning to really enjoy the better weather too !

We took a poll amongst us and decided that we will spend the night elsewere and not in Shimla. We took a detour thro some amazing twisties to "koti", a near by village in the district. The road to koti were  narrow single lane curvies heading downhill. Koti was nothing short of pretty in spite of the fact that we reached there when it was a little dark.

Silhouettes at its best ! 

We were really excited about the gnarly roads and terrain that we would encounter the next day, on our way to Kalpa, a tiny village off the little town of Rekong peo in the Kinnaur district, entering the pristine Spiti valley.

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