Monday, 28 October 2019

Morgan & The Great Indian Trail

Maharastra is surely my new favorite!  Just a Morgan & friends Photo album, nothing more, nothing less... A bunch of friends who joined to ride for a couple of weeks around routes plotted by one of us.

If these photos make you want to go riding, feel free to ! the routes are available as gpx, kml files for free here -

A big shout out to Abhi & Santosh for making the wonderful site!

Please read the "principles" section of the website and we expect you to follow it to the T. No excuses whatsoever.

PS: A note of caution - MH Grit after the monsoons have varied grades of tracks. The types include, paved sections, broken sections, broken tarmac, no tarmac, graded hard-packed gravel, graded hard-packed rocks, ungraded loose gravel, ungraded loose rocks, uphill ruts, downhill ruts, washout sections, hard-packed clay with ruts, just good ol clay, rock gardens, bald rock gardens, sharp rock gardens..The camera and photos hardly do justice. Next time I go with better tires. LoL.

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