Saturday, 23 May 2015

People are Awesome

There is more than 1 way to skin a cat. They use the power of religion, explosives, shards of glass, shards of glass in explosives and sometimes even teeth. We are constantly told so many things about strangers from far away places and we live under this assumed "cat" persona for some reason. Thats probably why people dont travel alone ? Maybe, but not all them.

What a morning ?
I made it to Puh from Kafnu. There was no one there and all the hotels were closed. However, luck prevailed, and Tenzing found me loitering in the cold late evening and offered me a place to stay. He cooked some hot dinner which was plentiful. Sleep was epic, first class.

Breakfast was served, and I even got some hot water to bathe. Which was a big deal, as the entire place was literally empty. When I was getting ready to packup and get going, Tenzing refused to take any money. I took my time to process things that morning. Sometimes it is better to just let go of control and the urge to know and decide the outcome of every situation. Nevertheless I was truly humbled by the Magnanimity of Tenzing. Now, back to this place called the 'road' ..

The little road surrounded by apple gardens 
Tarmac all the way till you start climbing malling
Lots more snow on the road once you get closer to malling
Nako, Frozen
Total asses everywhere
Malling naala was frozen too

And then, it got very cold and lots more snow everywhere
Traveling alone can be defined as "boring" as per some people, and no one wants to endure a daunting effort. Contrary to the perceptions of these people and grim news has built around us, If you ever travel to very far away places in the world, you will realise that it is full of genuinely nice people who are kind, warm and simply put, Awesome. You meet them at the most unexpected places, maybe at an Army camp high up in the mountains, so high that there is hardly any oxygen to breathe. Where you are tired, cold, dehydrated, depressed and regretting your choice of being alone, a kind stranger comes and offers you a chai and a heartening sweet smile of knowing, fills you water bottle with warm water as though its his job to be nice.

Compared to the cold, the slush fest days seemed not so bad
Later that day It got really really cold. Cold Like I've never experienced before. It was almost impossible to ride and the electrical's of the bike was behaving like there was a ghost in the machine. The battery froze. The Army camp at Sumdo offered me a place to stay in their guest ward for the night and hooked me up with goodies like electricity, food and water.

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