Friday, 17 April 2015

The Lone Wolf

I prefer riding alone. I ride otherwise with friends and fraternity, but certainly not with any "group". I have written about this earlier in this blog. So my suggestion or advice to you is to be a "Wolf", & not a lion not a tiger or any other metaphorical animal.

There is an overwhelming sense of freedom when I travel alone. My family is nuclear and I grew up as a single child with no siblings, so it was very easy for me to adapt to being a "Wolf". The single child syndrome caught up with me very often when life happened. Earlier, when I gave a damn about things, people's comments like "Oh, that explains it"  "you don’t act like an only child" used to get on my nerves. In general, other assumptions are - We are spoilt, selfish brats, impatient by nature. Time went by, and I reached the age of reason & slowly stopped giving a damn about all these people with misconceptions of my upbringing. I really enjoy my "alone" time. I find "attention seeking" nonsensical and just dont get it. With all this said, It was easy for me to take off alone and thats exactly what I did on the 20th of March 2015 (inspite of the fact that more people were supposed to join me but dropped plans later). I was reunited with the horse in Delhi in crowded Paghat Ganj. The plan was to leave early the next day and munch some miles to get to Himachal on day 1. It would have been apt to call this post "Plains to mountains - III".

It was Saturday, and a great day to be on the road. One of my many quirks is "wearing" pants coz I hate wearing them. I am a shorts guy. But today 900d polyester fabric won against formal clothes and that would be my attire for the next 2 weeks on the road. I just loved it ! With lots of riding, I managed to reach Chail, HP on day one, Saw lots of monkeys, Ate some parathas and slept like a log. It was an eventful day and I was already in the mountains that I cherish most, The Mighty Himalayas!

And, Be a wolf...Coz -

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